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Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!


In July, Kyoto has big traditional 1 month event, It is called Gion Matsuri. It has the history for 100 years or more.

The other side we had a great new 2 days festival in Kyoto. It doesn't have the history for 100 years or more... Just 4times(but first time was wash out ...3times completed).

It is called 'MISSION IMPOSSIBLE KYOTO=京都大作戦', that is kind of rock music festival.

In 2010;
the 1st day : It was strong sunny day (over 30℃...)

the 2nd day: It was strong rainy day...(90% rain...)

We didn't care about weather...because it was all the same to us...


How can I say about this event...words fail to describe...
At least It makes you a nice smile without fail.

You must check MISSION IMPOSSIBLE KYOTO 2011 if you come to Kyoto next summer.
And let's go with me for the hot moshing pit(?) same T-shirt, same towel, and nice childish same smile:-). Aa, no Stevie Wonder, no Linkin Park... only Japanese childish rock bands.

Upgraded Backyard

Midsummer greeting!

We introduced the backyard of J-Hopppers the other day, and we're telling more because it's been upgraded with beautiful lanterns!!

They ere collaboration work between sort of a construction coordinator of J-Hoppers Osaka,Mr.Yano and talented Japanese painting artist, Sawako !!

Mr.Yano suggested this idea and made flames, and Sawako draw amazing pictures.. 
She draw different paintings on each side, and showing four seasons. Yes, it means that we can enjoy them all year long, not only summer.
her sense of painting is always beyond our imaginings!!

"Is there any place to drink beer ?"

Yes, now we have.. it's too hot to be on the rooftop in daytime, and we can open the backyard from 7:30 am to the midnight until the end of August, as the elementary school is closed for summer holiday.

Why don't you try a Maiko costume

We had a guest from England the other day.We had a chat at the lobby and there was a photo of Maiko on her desktop.When I looked at the photo from a bit distance I thought the photo was a
Japanse Maiko. So I asked her where she had taken.Surprisingly she said coyly that was me.I didn't know that there were some Maiko-costume studios in Kyoto.She showed me some of the photos.It
takes 1~2 hours to makeup and dress Maiko costume and take photos.It not too expensive.It is about 10000yen.
It would be a wonderful experience.I guess you would feel as if you became Japanese.

Why don't you try a Maiko costume during your stay in KYOTO?

She goes to Japanese language school in Fukuoka.She seems to enjoy her Japan life.Good luck at school!!

Kamikochi :)

If you come to Takayama, you can see a lot of beautiful nature.

The Japan Alps are one of popular tourist attractions.

I went to Kamikochi last week.

Kamikochi is also part of The Japan Alps.

Upper left: You can follow the signs.

Upper right: Taisho Pond

Left lower: A road paved with wood

Lower right: Friendly wild ducks

The hiking course is not so difficult even for beginner.
It's very flatness.

Upper left: I think it has irresistible attraction for photographer

Upper right: Amazing color!! (It's natural!!)

Left lower: Local Beer★★

Lower right: It's not a beach, it's just a river!!!

The water color was amazing!!

And Iwana mountain trout lives there :)

Upper left: It's like mirror!!!

Upper right: Iwana mountain trout

Left lower: Myojin Bridge

Lower right:Kappa Bridge

★How to get to Kamikochi★

You need to take a bus, Takayama-Hirayu onsen-Kamikochi

Takayama-Hirayu (1,530 yen one way)

Hirayu-Kamikochi (2,000 yen round)

Here is information about Alps 4 days free passport:

Alps Wide Free Passport (10,000 yen)
Unlimited use of most buses around Takayama, Gero, Shirakawago, Okuhida, Kamikochi and Matsumoto on four consecutive calendar days.

Kenka Mikoshi

The third weekend of July is a long weekend in Japan.
But also it is the biggest weekend of a year in my hometown.
A very traditional summer festival takes place annually on the weekend.

I used to go to the festival a lot when I was a teenager, but I actually stopped going after I graduated from high school. I was just busy with work or was away from home at the time these past years. But I went to the festival last year and this year after the many years, then I realized how much I love this festival!

The festival is called Gion Matsuri (Another big Gion festival in Kyoto but it has nothing to do with it) and this festival boasts a history of over 500 years.
It is good fun to visit the main shrine called Susanoo Shrine, because it is lined with night stalls selling food.

But everyone in whole the small town gets really excited on the final night. The festival features " Kenka Mikoshi" is held.

3 Mikoshi (portable shrines) which belongs to separate areas of the town are stored in the main shrine. On the final day of the festival, men from each areas bring and carry them all around the neighborhoods in the daytime.

Then all the Mikoshi return to the shrine at the night.

And they play Mikoshi match which is super exciting!!!

A really cool Taiko drum performance too!

Somehow, looking at the men who are putting their soul into it, they look very hot! Does this happen just to me...???

Beautiful beach!!Katazoegahama!!

Hello there!!

It is getting so hot outside.It seems like boiling!!
I'm getting fed up this weather,so I went to beach which is called "Katazoe Gahama" in Yamaguchi with my friend.

The beach is selected as one of the beautiful beaches in Japan.
It was weekday and also not really good weather(but it was getting better !).
That's why there weren't many people there.We thought '' Wow,it seems like a private beach for us!!Let's swim(and drink)!!!"
Although the water was still a bit cold....anyway water is so clear!I understood why the beach is selected from many different beaches.

I haven't been to beach for a long time! so I was so worried that if I could wear bikinis or not.
But there were only several people there,So I think " Who cares what other people think??We shouldn't ruin this time!!"
I forced myself think positive and then jump into the water.

We went to the beach by train and bus.So we drunk and talked a lot.
We kept talked all the time.We are so thirsty on the way home.

We had a really good and relaxed at the beach.And got back to Hiroshima station around 19:00 and had a dinner .
And now I'm annoyed by sunburn.Please be careful when you got to beach!!

The beach where I went this time is little bit far from Hiroshima city.And also a bit difficult to get there.
But if you want to the beach,please visit to J-Hoppers Hiroshima and let me know!
I will tell you how to get there :-)

*Sorry,,,I completely forgot to take some photos when we were swimming!!That's so much fun!!

Katazoegahama Beach(japanese HP)

Jack is back ! 2010

Last summer, we had a little guest from Australia. His name is Jack and I remember we enjoyed so much seeing him every day. Well, Jack was back this summer again with his family!

Last summer, he drew a lot of pictures while he was in J-Hoppers Osaka and gave them to us as a gift before returning home. But this time, he brought us so many pictures which he had drawn for us before coming to Japan. We were deeply moved!

The more I look at the pictures which we got this time, the more I am amazed at his progress. The strokes of his brush is different as well. It seems like he developed a sense of art.

I wish I could show you all the pictures here, but there are too many of them, so I decided to show you some of my favorite ones this time.

A kangaroo and a man on a boxing ring

(LEFT) An itinerant kangaroo who is heading to J-Hoppers Osaka
At his feet, there are some Japanese bills and a JR Pass!

(RIGHT) A kangaroo at breakfast in J-Hoppers Osaka's kitchen
Its background is almost an exact copy of what we have.

A story entitled "Did I Break the Window!?"

(LEFT) Staff Fumi "Did you do this, Jack?"
Jack "Would I lie to you, Fumi?"
Staff Fumi "I don't know..."

(RIGHT) Baseball Koala "I did"

Isn't it cool?

As Jack is a big fan of Hanshin Tigers (Baseball Team), he draws it very well.
The right one named Home Run is my favorite.
Don't you think it looks like we could hear great roars from the spectators?

J-Hoppers Osaka Central Crews

Thank you so much for making us feel happy, Jack.
Look forward to meeting you next year!

A picture of a horse.

When people make a wish , there are many way to do.

Make a wish on a stars.
Blow out candles on the birthday cake...

Takayama, we put his picture on the wall.

This is a picture of a horse.
A long time ago, in Takayama, there was a great horse.
He saved castellan from fire.

The horse carry bag of treasures on his back.
The direction of horse's head are left and right, and pastes it to the wall of the house.
The wish comes true when the head is turned to the interior at the entrance such as doors and it puts it.

Date : 1st -15th August 2010
Place: Yamazakura -

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Thank you for being my friends

It was about two weeks ago at midnight, my cell phone annoyed me to inform that he had got a message.
'We are going to Kyoto to get you! Watch out!' it said. That was from my girlfriend who lives in Yokohama.
And it had been four years since we saw each other last time. To much excitement kept me awake that night.

That two girlfriends from my collage days came to Kyoto at the end of the rainy season.
We did not plan anything in advance as usual, however they wanted to do something unusual.
One of them said to me that 'If you are taking us to the Golden pavilion or something like that, I would stay in your room and play monopory by myself.' So instead of visiting the temples at day time, I brought them Arashiyama around 12 o'clock at midnight. Of course there was no one around us. Even we could run a race on the famous bridge many times.

When we were college studens, we used to visit the school or shrines or beaches at night.
We did not do anything particular there, except drinking and chatting till the sun rises in the eastern sky. There were always joy and laughter. We thought those moments last forever but it didn't.

After we left the school, we all are busy to live in our dairy life and didn't think about the old friends so much.
However it is necessary to have a brife stop sometimes and see where we are. That makes the life in front of us more special.

Two really cute twins from Germany♪

Hi there!
I'm Tomoko ,I returned from About a 2 week Okinawa trip a couple days ago.
Today was my first long shift at J-hoppers Hiroshima,so I'm a little nervous.
Meanwhile,Two really cute twins from Germany came to the reception to show 'Melon Flavour Ice Cream'.

The boy on the left side is 'Justus' and The girl on the right side is'Nele'.

They came to me and I guess they said
'Look at this ,It is Melon Ice Cream!! Cool ,Huh???'
in German.

I could not help but put these pictures on our blog ,
because their smile was sooooo cute!

Have a great time in Japan and I hope your stay at J-hoppers Hiroshima will hold fond memories!!

Tanabata party

I was very late to report about "Tanabata party" which we had on the 6h of July.
*What is Tanabata? please read this.

We decorated a bamboo tree with lots of colorful papers which were written guest's wishes, and made Temaki suji.

Temaki sushi is one of sushi style and you can make your own sushi on your hand choosing your favorite ingredients each time. We prepared a lot of kinds for sushi... egg,tuna with mayonnaise, some kinds of raw fishes, cucumber,lettuce and kaiware daikon, cooked eel,teriyaki chiken, surimi etc. and plenty of rice and seaweed of course... but it's gone so quickly and we had to cook rice again and go to buy some more!!

Also, we dressed some guests in yukata and they all looked cute!

Hope everyone enjoyed and your wish is coming true xxx

My birthplace : Normandie

The 'World' section of this blog looks a little bit empty, then allow me please a little space to escape from Japan... ;-)

At beginning of the month I could come back few days to my hometown. Thanks to my colleagues for offering me long holidays.
'Hometown' is becoming a strange word for me as years pass. Everything's changing so much there. I start feeling like a stranger sometime... And it makes already more than 12 years spent away, living in 9 places in 3 countries on 3 continents ! The feeling of 'home' got attached to those many places, and 'birthplace' is probably getting a more accurate word.
Thus, here comes my birthplace : Normandie prefecture. North of France (not the northest though), known for its cows, apples and tie-in products, its poor weather (blame on England who send rain through the Channel), its Second World War landing beaches, and its greenery...

I had an extremely clear weather and could enjoy the view.
Here, Kobe.

The Biwako Lake

Clouds from above are still fascinating me.

Normandie, here we are.

The famous Mont Saint Michel, from inside.

French baguettes on a morning market.

Caen, Normandie prefecture's main town, has been a king town and has a lot of beautifull churches and castle.

Delicious cheeses.

Rabbit with mustard sauce and pasta.

At the entrance of my village, like almost every villages.

The bakery of my village makes also very good cakes.

Not Kobe beef ! ;-)

Honfleur, famous port city. Now a main touristic spot.

Its church.

Old streets of the city,

The seaside near my village.

Second World War landing beaches.

Pure local fresh product.