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Hola Amigos!

I’m writing about my gourmet tour of Hiroshima!

Can you guess what the local slang BUCHI means?


A 3-minute walk from J-Hoppers Hiroshima

The noodles are dipped in a sauce, you can choose your level of spiciness from 1-20.

The boiled and seasoned egg is BUCHI awesome!


A restaurant famous for sea-eel donburi near the Miyajima-Guchi Station.

The taste of the sea-eel is perfectly light, soft, and delicious.

Mmm…BUCHI yummy!


This place is chock-full of sub-culture.

Some cafés offer a nice atmosphere but a poor variety of food, however here they have both.

I had a nice Taiwanese-style pho and a black sesame latte.

I was BUCHI full, and BUCHI satisfied.


A 1-minute walk from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.

This restaurant serves Fuchu-yaki, a type of okonomiyaki (savory pancake).

The taste is wonderful and the noodles are BUCHI crispy.


I BUCHI recommend their “sweet momiji” as a souvenir.

Maple-leaf shaped cakes are already famous in Hiroshima, so why not bring back their maple tea cakes filled with almond-paste this time?

It took less than 4 hours from Hyogo to Hiroshima by car.

So why not visit Hiroshima to discover BUCHI good food?!

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