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Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

Enjoy international exchange!!

We J-Hoppers Hostels are always happy to welcome Japanese customers with open arms as well as foreigners customers. Please enjoy international exchange!!

What is TENDON??

Hi, this is Saho from J-Kyoto.

Are you TENDON lover ?
My favorite tendon place is "TENDON MAKINO(天丼まきの).
This shop is really popular and well-known among tourists!
The reason for this reputation is the looks of the dishes.
Mega-sized tendon is really tempting.
The reason for this deliciousness is their policy of frying the tempura after they get the order. They never, no matter how busy they are, fry tempura in advance. Because they only fry the tempura after they get the order, you can always enjoy just-deep-fried tempura.
If you ever have chance, please give it a try.

How to enjoy autumn in Japan

Hi,this is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
Autumn has come and it is getting colder and colder everyday.
Do you have any plans for this autumn?
I have not decide where to go but I am thinking about going somewhere with my grandma  for autumn leaf viewing.

Also,heaps of seasonal good food give us an appetite in autumn: pumpkins,sweet potatoes,chestnuts, persimmons and figs!
Every time I go to shops especially convenience store, I can not decide what to buy. 
Since I am sweets junkie,everything looks so good...
Have you ever tried sweets at convenience stores?
If not,I HIGHLY recommend you to try it once during your stay in Japan.
Each convenience store chain has its own unique products, such as popular sweets, breads,rice balls and coffees and you can enjoy tasty sweets at a reasonable price!

Please check it out!
◎Seven-Eleven Japan (JPN)

Enjoy your autumn!

Hiking in the Kibune area

Hi, I'm tomo, and I work at J-hoppers Kyoto.
I have lived in Kyoto for over 20 years but there are a lot of places I've never been. As you know, Kyoto has tons of things to see and you will never get tired of sightseeing. I recommend you going to the Kibune area.
Kibune is located on the north side of Kyoto. It could be the countryside compared with the downtown of Kyoto. But, the area is so mysterious, spiritual and the best to hike. Also, You can get various power from nature or a couple of temples and shrines there.

The journey to Kibune starts from the train called Eizan.

This is the view you can see in the train.
Leaves were still all green but so awesome.

 Kurama Tengu with two guests and Justin!

We walked around 3 hours. It was a little bit hard but so fun!
The view on the way to top and nature surrounded by trees gave me energy.
If you hate so crowded area and like walking, this is the best place.
Hope you will enjoy it:)

Sister Trip ~Kyoto to Osaka~

Hi everyone,

It is Nana from J-Hoppers Hida Takayama.

The previous week was really rainy and it is the time my little sister choose to come in Japan ! She came for a little more than a week so we keep our travel between the Kansai area and Takayama. We started our trip in Kyoto meeting with my French friend, Emilie and eating sushis. We went to Nishijo Castle, the first time for me and my friend event so we have been living in Japan for quite a time now. We also visited a small Japanese Garden : Shinensen, before going to eat in an Izakaya. We also walked in the Geisha district and Yasuka-jinja.
 The next day we went to Kinkaku-ji with my sister, and I ended up messing up with the buses ! We also went to the Manga Museum and finally took a bus to go to Takayama.

In Takayama we went to Hirayu Onsen to see the waterfall and have a big soak in the Onsen.

 Then we got back to Kansai, and Osaka. We spent one day in Studio Universal Japan. 

It gave me the occasion to visit my friends in the J-Hoppers Universal too. We then headed to Shinsaibashi and spent the next day in Amemura dealing with flight cancellation due to the typhoon. We spent our last night at GREENWOOD, the guesthouse opened by my friends from Hana Hostel. 

It was quite a busy and rainy week, ending in climax with a typhoon. I learned than you better check your flight regularly and be able to be at the airport earlier than your previous plan to get in one that can fly before the storm.

Looking forward to the next trip ! 

Be a multilingual with Bussu!

I started to study Italian in this month.

I would like to talk about an incredible App which helps you to learn other language.

This amazing App is called busuu.

 When you want to learn some vocabulary, a word comes up on the screen with a picture relating the word.
 You can listen how to pronounce the word, if you touch the start mark.

 Busuu teach you some tips.

Words you have learned is saved on your phone as a list and you can see them whenever you want.

You can have a test at the end of a section.

The amazing thing about busuu is that you can learn 12 languages on this App !!

This App might be the closest way to be a multilingual......

Check this out !


’Analog’ by Takeshi Kitano

Hi, there this is Kazzy from Osaka Hana Hostel.

How are you?

It is growing colder and colder these days.
I feel fall in the air.

In the past, it was said that Fall was the best season for reading thanks to its comfortable weather and reading was thought to be one of the best way to kill time at longer night in Fall.

The reason why we still say "Fall is the best season for reading"

The other day, Ai-san who works at Hana as cleaning staff she really loves reading books, we just talked about books by chance and she said that 'I had bought the book which is new arrival and written by Takeshi Kitano, even I did not mean to buy it!!
Because the book jacket was so nice!! '

And she loaned it to me.

As you know,Takeshi Kitano is a famous comedian and movie director in Japan.
But this time, he wrote a book and it is a love story!!

The idea of this story is his ideal love which he really wanted to do.

The guy who works as a interior designer.
In this high‐tech era, he does not use IT he still

He met a beautiful woman at the cafe and fell in love with her.

Even they are attracted to each other, they do not exchange contacts.

The woman said that 'If we want to meet each other, we will definitely be able to do again.'

The story is pure and moving, I can not image that he could write such a beautiful story.

On the other hand, there are a lot of jokes are typical of him and ironic phrases.

I do not want to tell what happens anymore...

Borrowing and lending of books are good communications to know each other: )

If you have time please go to the library or book store and enjoy Reading in autumn: )

Thank you very much for your read my blog!

Have a splendid day/night!!

Technically home sweet home

I usually say I'm from Hiroshima. Although it's actually not true.
My town is exactly on the border of Okayama and Hiroshima, and my home address is Okayama side, but I always hang out in Hiroshima, my mom goes to grocery shopping almost everyday on Hiroshima side, our dialect is also Hiroshima-ben and overall, I don't know much about Okayama.

Lat weekend, I visited Okayama city for my friend's wedding ceremony and reception.
And of course I decided to stay at a guesthouse in Okayama for the first time!
The place was hip, they have cafe and gallery on the first floor, second floor is the hostel and top floor is rental space for exhibitions or private events. The staff I talked at the reception was so excited when I told her that I also work at a hostel, and told me about a bit of Okayama hostel situation like they only have 3 guesthouses in Okayama city, or their concept and location. She was so nice!

In the evening, I hit the town to catch up with my friend who used to live in Fukuyama, and it was such a blast!

And the next day, I checked-out a bit early and decided to walk all the way to Kourakuen (one of the 3 major Japanese gardens) taking about 40 mins. (I'm a slow walker.)

It was so great seeing the city in the crisp morning - the riverside area was mysteriously foggy, and so quiet on Saturday. I had coffee in my hand, and enjoyed the fall air in my "home" that I'm not familiar with.

I almost forgot that Okayama is a castle town! Unfortunately I didn't have time to pay a visit to the beautiful black castle this time but hopefully soon.

My friend's wedding was held at Kourakuen garden! It was so nice to be a part of traditional Japanese style wedding (which is not very common now) at that perfect location with many kimono ladies!

Wedding ceremony, and party at a hotel banquet, following after party and after party...
Seeing my high-school friends was definitely highlight of my stay this time but next time I should explore a lot more of Okayama for sure!


what do you do on your day off?

Hello from Hiroshima Hana hostel its Kana here.
October has already started and I just can't believe how time goes so fast.
Its getting colder and the sunshine time is getting shorter everyday.
Autumn has finally arrived.

I wanna ask what do you do on your day off.

Recently my day off is all about ........"Ntflix"
Have you heard of it?  "Ntflix" is if you pay fixef amount of money every month, you can watch many different kind of movies and drama on line.

Most of my day of starts like this:

I wake up around 8 am and start watching "Ntflix". after while get up and brush my teeth and wash my face. AND start watching "Ntflix". don't really get hungry because what I do is just lay down and watching "Ntflix".
speechless...I don't know how to excuse myself.
But this is one of the way to relax myself on my day off.

But thing is recently I feel like wasting my day off...So...this is the time for me to let go of my lovely"Ntflix" and get outside ! I think I should start doing something else rather than staying at home all day with it. Otherwise I will miss beautiful Autumn season without noticing.
But I don't know what to do...

So let me ask you "what do you do on your day off?"

No smoking, please.

It has been a day since I decided to quit smoking.

I'm now trying out myself how hard my life without cigarette could be.

So I got App called " Kin-en watch ( No-smoking watch )".

This genius App informs you how long it has been passed since you stopped smoking + how much money you saved up while not buying cigarette in this term and so on.

It is very good one because you can actually see how long the time passed and also can visualize how much your body has been recovered from the chemicals just like nicotines, tar...etc.

It's fun!

Now, I got over the 1st phase of withdrawal symptoms successfully.

I can control my desire for cigarettes now and it wasn't as hard as I expected so I think I will be able to quit smoking completely someday soon.

(I know it's been just ONE day but it feels like a week for me. Outrageous!)

If you are a smoker and planning to be one of the people with healthy pink lung some day, just get the app and look up on internet collecting right information to keep motivating yourself.