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St.Valentine's Day is coming!!

How do you celebrate St.Valentine's day in your country? In Japan, we females, give chocolates to whom we like very much and when they stay together, females do the same. I have been thinking that is not fair, though. It's always girls who need to have a courage to say how we care about boys on the 14th Feb!! Anyway, there's a Valentine's day-atomosphere in the town and I see many girls trying to buy the best chocolate for the day. I wonder how males would feel when they receive chocolates from females...It might be an exciting day for men!! On the other hand, boys are supposed to give something back to girls on the 14th March and this day is called White Day in Japan.
If you have got a chance to visit Japan around 14th Feb, for females, why don't you buy some chocolates for someone special in your country? For males...we'll see.

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In France, young people often declare their love on this day, and couple offer presents to each other, not only girls to boys ! In exchange there is no White day though. About adults, it's very polite from the men to invite his wife to a good restaurant, or even better to cook something for her and have a very romantic and quiet dinner with candles and music... But I fear that none of them does it anymore...

It's pitty!! I guess it's such a nice tradition to do it! I think it's so romantic and it never happen in Japan, though. Thank you, Pascal san!