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Reunion with my senior from uni with Malay food!

I studied in Malaysia for exchange program. Where in Malaysia? - Kuala Lumpur?  Nope.   I studied in Kuching!  It was in Borneo Island and and such a rural area that you can see wild orangutan.
I studied there for a year (10 months) and I really liked Malaysia.
I happened to know my senior from uni moved to Osaka from Fukuoka.   She also studied at the same uni in Malaysia. When I asked her what to eat, then she answered "Okonomiyaki?  Hmmm Fish?  Or Malay food!!"
What a coincident, I was also craving for it!!
We looked for any Malay restaurant in Osaka and found one in Umeda, "Malaysia Boleh" (Boleh = can in Malay language)
We felt so nostalgic with that authentic Malay food and talks about our memories in Kuching. Malaysia has very mixed culture and food, so you can enjoy very unique and delicious food there :)

I can't wait to visit Malaysia next April again!!!

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