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Party night on Halloween!

Hello, this is Nori from Osaka Hana Hostel.

As you know it was Halloween last Friday!
On that day, we had gyoza (dumpling) party at our hostel.

It was the very first time to make dumpling for most of the guests!  (Even for me haha)
They made it so well and it was really delicious :)
Every smile made us so happy!

 He is making so fast that my camera cannot capture his hands well 😲

After gyoza party, I went to Dotombori with some guests... Oh my God... this is my first time to be there on Halloween day... It was too many people there and we cannot walk straight 😂
I did not wear any costume unfortunately but the guests did and one of them are so much famous on the street haha
2 parties at 1 night is quite tiring for me and I straight to sleep when I got back home... But both of them are my first and amazing experience!
I wish I could join Halloween party with any costume next time 😁

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