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Hello from crowded Kyoto.
Actually, it’s always crowded in Kyoto but this season, AUTMN, is like...extremely C-R-O-W-D-E-D.
I don’t like the place where many people gather so I usually keep away from that kind of place.
However, today was an exception.
I went to Rurikoin which is famous for the garden view with my parents because I got an invitation ticket from them!!

First, we got on the train called Eizan-railway and got off at Yase-Hieizanguchi.
Of course, the train was full of people and I sympathized with people in Tokyo who takes a train like this every morning.

When we arrived at the ticket counter, we saw the sign said “ticket for entrance time 15:30~“.
(I had only one invitation ticket so we still had to buy 2 more for my parents)
The time we arrived there was 11:00.
OMG. What is this. No way.
Does it mean we have to wait for more than 4 hours???
We were depressed by the sign but there was no choice so we queued up in the line.

Fortunately, I had an invitation ticket so the s…

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