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Warm lights at Hanatouro in Higashiyama

Spring is just around the corner, and now I'm struggling with really bad hay fever allergic reaction which hit me a bit earlier than usual, I guess it means maybe blooming of flowers is a bit earlier?

The other day, I went to see this year's Higashiyama Hanatouro with my friend, it's one of my favorite events in Kyoto for early Spring.

Quiet old streets in Higashiyama are lit up by the paper lanterns

You can actually make your own lantern to display at their workshop, (limited 100 people per day) so we decided to try it

And they make reduce sized copy, and give you small plastic lantern with dry cell battery so you can keep the mini lantern at home! And also, they even give you free coffee and french fry tickets for McDonald's which might be a sponsor of the event. IT'S ALL FREE OF CHARGE!

We headed for Kodaiji temple next, walking through beautiful streets

I probably have visited here 5 times already for the night illumination, but I still enjoy the atmosphere and…

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