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Stay Hostel Monthly! Cheap Way to Stay in Hiroshima, Wakayama, Kyoto and Shiga

Why don't you stay at a hostel as a house share? We are offering a special discount for long stay tourists and visitors with working holiday visa! 

Those who are looking for a share house, flat share or apartment in Shiga, Kyoto, Wakayama and Hiroshima, you can stay in our hostels for cheap and long time ! This offer is for a limited time only . Do not miss this opportunity!
Stay at a hostel monthlyFree WiFi available, smoke-free, no hidden cost such as management fee and brokerage fee. Please rest assured that a night duty staff is all the time in the hostel.
 Dormitory (1 person): 30000 yen~ Private Room (1 person): 50000 yen~ Private Room (2 persons):

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