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hatsumode in Hiroshima

A happy new year, everyone! 
This is Shiori from j-hoppers Hiroshima:)
picture by koba-chan 

I went to Hatsumoude yesterday :D

One of my wishes last year came true. I got married!! 
But I couldn't lose weight -10kg. its just -3kg. Anyway I totally forgot my wishes though.
My wishes in 2019 ''Wish I will be happy and excited and laughing this year. 👏👏👏''

If you would like to go to hatsumoude around our hostel in Hiroshima , there is shrine near the Hiroshima castle. It is called Gokoku shrine :)

Address : 2-21 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi
May this year be full of smiles for everyone!! 

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