Kobe animal kingdom

Hello, I'm Yun from Q-beh.

If you like to play with animal, I highly recommend that you visit Kobe animal kingdom.

The animal kingdom is not so big but I'm sure you will have a lot of fun. The reason why I said that is because you can not only see the animal but also touch them. Most of the animals are out of gate, so that you can easily touch and see them directly.

However, please try to be nice with them or they might attack you.
In bird area, birds are flying above your head, so make sure they will not poop on you.😂

They even have kangaroo park. You can see them right in front of you without any fences. How incredible!!😆

Everyday they will have many performance. If you are interested with what kind of show will they have, just check their schedule on website or map of the animal kingdom. Some performance is quite educational, because they will tell you what the animal eat, where they come from etc. It is a good lesson for everyone to know more about animal lifestyles. Why don't you join as well?


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