Hananowa 2020

Hi,This is Mari from J-Hoppers Hiroshima!

How are you?I've been "Hananowa" flower outside event near Peace park to refresh and feel fresh air.

Here is a "Torii gate" This one is not under construction!!I could see a bomb dorm through this gate.

There are so many beautiful flower plants,and this plant is wearing ”Happi coat".
A happi coat is a traditional Japanese piece of clothing, often worn during festivals. It's a loose fitting coat that is sometimes worn with an "obi" belt.

And this one is "The sun goddess" called is said to be the chief divinity of Shintoism.This god is made by tons of cactus.

 I've met baby koala at the end.It was really amazing flower garden.
I hope things get a little bit better soon.
Have a good day!


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