Recently, in Kyoto

Hi, this is Natsuki from Q-beh.

Recently, I can only see a few people in the Shijo street in Kyoto.
I thought the virus would be gone soon but it's getting worse every day and it effected on many fields.

There is also a serious damage to our life.
It is common that there are no masks in the stores now but...
Did you know that toilet rolls, sanitary products and tissue papers are also all gone from stores in Japan?
It was happened because of the fake information which were spread on the internet.
Some of the people misunderstood that toilets rolls were made from same material as masks and most of them were made in China so they thought it would be gone from the stores soon.
However, the toilet rolls industries say that it is totally wrong information.
They said most of the rolls are made in Japan and they have enough amount of stock right now. If you couldn't find any in the stores, it would arrive very soon.

When I saw this problem on TV, some of the people who was in the supermarket answered to the interview and said "I know it's fake information but I bought the rolls JUST IN CASE".
I can't blame them because I understand that feeling.
But I learned that it is very important to keep calm and think more carefully about everything in this serious situation.
Otherwise the people who really needs those things will be in a big trouble.

I hope that the virus will be gone very soon and get our ordinary life back.


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