Back to hometown and my Hawaii trip was cancelled due to corona virus

I went and saw my family in Yamaguchi.

1 year has passed since I met them. A one-way ticket of bullet train to Yamaguchi is 12000 yen and it takes 130 mins. For me, Money is as important as spending time with them, that is why I'm not willing to see my family.

I stayed at my parents house but there is no my private room since they moved to next city after I left Yamaguchi for my university, so I had to spend most of my stay in living room with 3 cats. Some think you should have hung out your friends. Let me say that I don't have any friends in my hometown. My first fiend from bottom of my heart is a man who I met in my university in Kyoto.

I made a decision to back to hometown to see my Mom once a year at least.
According to my calculation of her lifespan, she will finish life in 20 to 25 years. If I go to see her one a year, our meeting is just.....
Don't let me tell such a sad story...

See you next time.

p.s. I have a plan Hawaii trip next week but it was cancelled due to corona virus. 6 days paid holidays will end up in vain.


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