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Sankyu Waterfall and Iwafune Waterfall

Sankyu Waterfall

Well, it happens to be another precious moment . . . to scope some more waterfalls!! Mr. Kenji the tramp and I visited waterfalls in Kokufu city this time. A plethora of information shall ruin the whole shebang if one's not intrigued by the history and the origin.
The chance of rain was very high in the morning; announced by the unreliable weather forecast. In spite of the inclement weather information, thus we proceed to depart for our peregrination. The distance is never too far, however, my body commenced to wear out. . . perhaps, I am merely a specialist for down slopes. The Sankyu Waterfall is quite up in the hill. . . it is known for a hidden waterfall in Kokufu.
The snake, ugly crawling creature was there to greet me along the way. . .
I've got a sunburn; Kenji advised, "to take care of your skin after turning five and twenty"

Iwafune Waterfall

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A ugly crawling snake ! Happily Kenji The Mighty was here to smash it as fresh mochi before it injured you Lord Yuya, or shall we never have heard of such a gorgeous place ...