Backpackers Hostel "J-Hoppers" & "Hana Hostel"

Welcome back to J-hoppers!!!

This is Jorge from Mexico who stayed at J-hoppers Hiroshima November 7.
He came to reception casually and said,

"See . It's Me!"
"What? "
"This photo was taken when I came to Japan last time 3 years ago.

"Wow!! you were there? That's Great!!!"

They didn't know that this photo is used on our brochure until they came back to Japan.
I'm sure that he was so surprised when he found it.

We are so happy to meet the real Jorge!
Come back again Jorge when we do our next brochure,Haha:)

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Ooooo, Cool!
Waiting for you in Kyoto, too.

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I'm the one who took that picture in J-Hoppers Kyoto, and remember him and his two friends.

I introduced them on the past blog, too.

Does he come to Kyoto ?

to shin san

I guess they will visit to Kyoto,but I am not sure...

I will try to contact them and let them know it!!