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KAWAYUKA(summer night dining) by The Kamogawa River

Every year from May to September, restaurants overlooking the Kamogawa river's western bank from Nijo-dori street to Gojo-dori street do a special eventーーthey set up open-air dining areas called KAWAYUKA to catch the cool river breezes, which you can enjoy with a delicious, romantic Kyoto-style dining.
I went to one of them last week, tried a really nice OBANZAI(Kyoto home-made style foods, the main ingredients are vegetables and tofu) set within 2000JPY. So delicious that I even forgot to take a picture of KAWAYUKA..., but I do remembered to take the pictures of the dishes! hehe..

I really recommend you to try KAWAYUKA if you visit Kyoto in summer season, especially the OBANZAI restaurants. It must be one of the best way to taste Kyoto's summer!

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