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UMEBOSHI (Plum pickled)

Konnichiwa from Hiroshima Hana hostel It's Kana here.

Summer is already over and it's getting colder and colder everyday. How was your summer?
I hope everybody had good one.

Summer is one of busiest season in Japan and also Hana hostel as well. We  welcomed many people from all over the world everyday.
What I did this summer is....

I made 

Umeboshi or dried ume is pickled ume fruits. Ume is a species of fruit-bearing tree in the genus Prunus, which is often called a plum but is actually more closely related to the apricot.
Umeboshi is typically traditional Japanese pickled food. In Japan, it is used in various dishes as side dishes with  breakfast, rice balls for lunch, boiled and seasoned for dinner. 

Umeboshi is getting known as one of healthy food in the world. It contains a lot of good nutrition.

So even in other country has it just like supplement for the health.

I salted many Ume in June and leave it about 2 months. And picked the best day in August which has to be sunny 3 days in a low to dry them up!

 and Put them in a bottle and leave it for another few months! so either this month or next months is to be ready to be eaten!!!

It is my first time to make it I can't wait
!!! Hope it will be awesome Umeboshi and I enjoy with my awesome colleague at Hana hostel!

Please try Umeboshi if you visit Japan!! You might be really like it!

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