Staff introduction for Fukuoka Hana Hostel

Home town:Kokura, Fukuoka

Language---English, Japanese

Favorite---Family, friends, and color of pink!!

Hate---Insects(especially, mosquitoes), shrimps

I am Nana. I have been interested in foreign cultures since I was little and lived in the U.S. for 6 years. I know that I am so Americanized, but now I think that Japan/Fukuoka is the best place in the world. I want everybody to know how great Fukuoka is. Hope to see you here in Fukuoka, and share the time with us!



Launguage--Japanese and English

Favorite--My cousin's babies, Caffe latte(My mom told me I'm addicted. Lol), Rilakkuma

Always love to go and see somewhere and talk to people!! I've been to 11 countries so far but also love watching Japanese TV shows @ home on and on. lol Anyway, let's spend great times in Fukuoka, Japan!!



Launguage--English and Japanese

Favorite--Taking a nap on the grass, drinking beer on the beach, playing ukulele, hanging out with my kinda people

Hate--Racism, war, stupid traditions

Hei I'm Conana. When I was 21, I was kinda blind and hated anything about Japan. So I went to Wales and lived there for 10 months. After that rare experience, I can see the world better now and I love Japan. Especially where I live, Fukuoka! There are beaches, islands, shopping places, delicious foods, and cool people. You will see how it's nice when you visit. Let's make the most of Fukuoka!


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