Staff introduction for J-Hoppers Hida Takayama Guesthouse

Home town---Hokkaido, Sapporo
Language---English, Japanese

Favorite---Walk, Relaxing time at cafe', Snowboard, Eating out, Festival, Nature, Kimono

I’m Tomoko:) I happened to end up here in Takayama in February. I love Japan and I would like to introduce about my country. I’d like to recommend cheap local food. So, I try to find new information everyday. My favorite sight is “old town.” I’m looking forward to go walking in “old town” with Kimono. If you would like to enjoy old Japanese atmosphere, I recommend Takayama:)

Home town---Takayama
Language---English, Japanese

Favorite---Surfing ,Travel, Chill out

Hate---mosquito , coldness

Hello, I’m Matsu from Takayama.What attracts the most in Takayama is the air; it is really clean. People here have deep humanity. Takayama has typical 4 seasons in a year, which you can enjoy in different ways. You can enjoy especially delicious sake and Hida beef etc.. Shirakawago(World Heritage Shirakawa-go)is only 50minutes by bus. I'd be happy to help you have a great time here in Takayama. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Home town---Hong Kong
Language---Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Japanese and English

Favorite---Hiking, walk-and-eat, nature, reading (novels), music and movies

Hate---Natto (fermented beans), cockroaches (never seen one in Takayama), moths

Hi everyone! I am a newbie in Takayama, having just “escaped” from my hometown Hong Kong to here in July 2014. I actually first came to Takayama as a traveler in 2013, and I like the place so much that I decided to work here. What attracts me most about Takayama are its distinct four seasons as well as seasonal vegetables and fruits. I also like the morning market very much, and pay a visit almost every morning. Despite my frequent visits, I still have difficulty understanding the Hida dialect spoken by the elderly ladies there. Guess I still need to work harder. On holiday, I like to go hiking, as there are so many beautiful mountains around Takayama. I also look forward to meeting people from all walks of life and from around the world in the hostel! Let’s explore Takayama together!

Home town---Hiroshima(Hatsukaichi near Miyajima), Shiga
Language---English, Japanese, (Spanish on learning)

Favorite---: Traveling, Cycling, Walking, Football, Singing, Playing the ukulele, Watching movie, reading, chilling out, taking photo of sky at sunrise and sunset, Cooking and Eating


Hi, I’m Misa. I have lived in Hida Furukawa 15 minutes away from Takayama by train, since 2013. I am not ordinarily from Takayama. I was born in Hiroshima, and spent almost my life in Shiga so far. But my almost all my family still live in Hiroshima, so I have definitely identity of Hiroshima, of course I love Shiga as well though. As I was grown up in Shiga, where there is beautiful nature, mountains, Biwako that is biggest lake in Japan, I love countryside like here Hida! Every season has different scenery, and local people’s way of living has been changed adapting natural environment. But above all, what I love most is people here. It’s been only 2 years since I came here, but I have met really nice people who take care for me as one of members of their family, so now this place Hida has come to be one of my homes. I really hope you can meet cool people here and heartfelt experience with them.

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