Staff introduction for Osaka Hana Hostel

Home town---Nara
Language---Japanese, English, Korean (I know only simple phrases equal to greeting phrases and some words)
Favorite---My dog, Japanese Sake, Watching movies, Reading books, Hot Springs, Fishing・Driving, Comedy, Country side, Sea, Night sky

Hi!! Welcome to Osaka Hana Hostel
What’s the kraken? haha
I had been stayed in Brisbane for 10 months for working holiday.
It was lovely and awesome!
Everyone who I met in Australia is so helpful and thoughtful…
If I had not met them I could not learn English and spend great time…
My English is still not enough, but I would like to make your day in Japan!
So let me help as much as I can.
Please tell me about your country and language!
I am very curious!!
I am looking forward to seeing you.

Home town---Osaka
Language---English and Japanese
Favorite---Favorite: cooking,travel,eating,shopping,taking a nap

Hi there!How are you?
I'm Yuka who a new staff of Osaka Hana Hostel.
I went to The Philippines to study English for 3 months.
But I'm learning English still now and want to improve my skill more.

The reason why learning English,I love travel to abroad.
I have been to Hawaii,Guam,Korea and Australia.
I want to travel many country in the future more.
And I'm collecting a lot of information of country for future traveling.
So when I meet you at Osaka Hana Hostel,I ask you that where is your hometown.
Please tell me interesting places in your hometown.

Thank you very much!

Home town---Hyogo
Language---English and Japanese
Favorite---Travel, Movie, Hot spring, Shopping, Calligraphy, Chocolate, Bubble tea, cafe hopping

Hello! This is Misaki. Nice to meet you. I’ve started working here since September 2017. I become interested in English when I was 10 years old. When my family and I went out, my dad was spoken by a person who doesn’t speak Japanese, he responded in English with fluency. Even though I didn’t completely understand what my dad said, I was like “He’s so cool! I want to be like my dad!” Since then I was trying to study English harder, I went to study and work in Toronto, Canada. I had unforgettable memories there. Canadian people are really nice! Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions! I’d love to help you out:)

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