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That fun time of the year is here again!!

Hi there!This is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima guesthouse.
It's getting so cold.It is snowing even now when I am writing  this blog. SAMUI!!!

I can not tostand a cold place,But I LOVE snowboard!!
I started it this January which means I am definitely beginner.
however,I bought my own board this year!!yes!!!

I went to Geioku Kokusai Ski-resort last Friday and Saturday.
I just worried the snow level before I went there.Coz it was not so cold and snow last coupe of days.
However,as soon as I got off a bus and saw a mountain,it flee my brain!

I stayed at a lovely pension which is near the ski we had a plenty of time this time
So we spent all day snowboarding together and had a really good time.

We don't have a I always book a ski bus.It cost around 400yen for return ticket.
Of cause you can hire a snowboard,ski and wear as well.
(If you hire some itmes when you book the seat,you will get a discount!)

All ski resort in Hiroshima has just opened this month,I'm just wondering how many time I do snowboard this season.

If you are interested in it,please come and ask us!

(I'm going to Oosa Ski resort coming friday with Kana from Hiroshima HANA hostel.
Can't wait!!!)

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