Yokai street

There is a unique street near Kitano Tenmangu Shrine.
The name of the street is Ichijo Street.
The people in this area have nicknamed “Yokai Street” on the street.
(I have sometimes mentioned about yokai in this blog. See the link below)

I went to the street with my family the other day.
It is a small local shopping street and most shops along the street have their own Yokais at their storefronts.
Very interesting.

There is a website of the street (Japanese only though …)

You know,
The concept of Yokai street ultimately leads to ecological thought.
I will write about it next time.

Anyway, please drop in the funny street when you visit the famous Kitano Tenmangu Shirine.
The street running east and west, one block south of Kitano temnangu shrine 
From J-Hoppers Kyoto Hostel, please take city bus #205 at Kujo Shako bus stop and get of at Kitano Hakubaicho Bus stop. It take about 30-40 minutes by bus.

Kasa (umbrella) Yokai

Shokupan (bread) Yokai

Rabbit (?) Yokai

One-eyed student Yokai

Hyotan (calabash) Yokai


pascal said…
Oh yes, I both know this street. :-) I found it one day when we, Junko and me, were looking for this famous small udon restaurant where they serve one udon meal. Yes ONE udon, just one, but soooooo loooooooong ! Eating just one of those is really like eating a normal full bowl of udon. Finally this restaurant is between the ghost street and kitano tenmangu.
I also remember the shrine of cardinal points in this street or nearby ... I'm always so surprise of what a japanese shrine can be devoted to ! :-))

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