A story of Hibaku House

A friend of mine told me that he was going to move to an old wooden row house soon.

His grand mother used to live in the house but after she died no one was there for years.
And one day a car crushed into the empty house so it was able to have some renovation so that now he can move in. hahaha

Anyway, the house is very old and it's about 90years old. Because of the war,bombings, climate and earthquakes,we rarely have such old house.
He told me that the house is a little tilted. First I though it was just because of its oldness but actually it was because of the A-bombing. He even told me that there is a column which has glass fragments on one side because of the bomb blast.

Like this house, in Hiroshima city we have some buildings that you can see some evidences of the A-bomb...

Well,I would surely take a picture when I go to the house!


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