The festival I Love.


Last night I went to see the most amazing festival (in my personal opinion...) in Kyoto.

They call it KANKOUSAI and it's one of the Gion festival.

About 2 weeks ago, they put 3 gods at Yasaka shrine in 3 portable shrines.

The 3 gods stayed in a different place for a while and they brought the gods back to the shrine.

Usually, you might find Japanese are shy or quite, however, at this festival....

You see how excited they are!!

Those portable shrines are quite heavy, so that people need to change turns to hold them up.

They say '' haisa haisa'' to cheer themself up and it makes the atmosphere very lively!!

Some of them have got bleeding shoulder because they hit themselves with the portable shrines so hardly in carrying them.

After 3 portable ones arrived the shrine, a ceremony to bring the gods back there is held.

The monks at the shrine turned off all the lanterns...

You hear the sound of the Koto harp...

Several monks come out from the shrine and go where there are 3 portable shrines to accompany the gods to the shrine.

I can't explain it very well but it IS sacred!!

Please coem back to Kyoto to see it.

It does worth seeing.


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