I was so hungry…

I went to Kibune to eat lunch.
It is a very wonderful region where a very famous Shinto shrine of Kibune Shrine is here, and a lot of restaurants and Ryokan in the surroundings.
I went there as usual by my bike. And, today’s my enjoyment is a Nagashi Soumen.
Have you try Nagashi Soumen? Do you know soumen?…

Some restaurants offer sōmen served in the manner of “flowing noodles” in the summer. Flowing Somen is called "Nagashi Sōmen" (流しそうめん, "Nagashi Sōmen"?) in Japanese. The noodles are placed in a long flume of bamboo across the length of the restaurant. The flume carries clear, ice-cold water. As the sōmen come down the flume and pass by, you pluck them out with your chopsticks and then dip them in a container of tsuyu. Catching the noodles requires a fair amount of dexterity, but the noodles that aren't caught by the time they get to the end usually aren't eaten, so diners are pressured to catch as much as they can. A select few luxurious establishments put their sōmen in real streams and the diners enjoy their meal in a beautiful garden setting.

This is Nagashi Somen’s photo …Nn? This is only my right hand.
I’m sorry I couldn’t take Somen’s photo。Because I was crazy about eating it.

This is a photo of other guests. It's A Japanese ' Fu-Ryu' !!


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