Summer is the season of ghosts (yurei in Japanese). Japanese children like yurei stories very much and they tell their "hidden" yurei story to each other in the humid summer nights. Sometimes they go to dark and creepy places such as a graveyard or a old temples and and walk throught the darkness one by one or two by two to compete their bravery.
A typical image of a Japanese ghost is this:

Typical image of a Japanese ghost

They have no leg, the hands hanging loose in front of the chest, eyes with an up glance and they usually have a piece of triangular white cloth on their forehead. Sometimes some fire balls are flaring around them. When a man (woman) die with having some regrets, the restless spirit becomes a ghost (yurei) and he (she) descend upon people. I have not met yurei yet but some of my friends says they have seen it. Believe it or not, invisible yureis might be murmuring behind you "Urameshi-yaaaaa .....


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