Japanese curry

We had a Japanese style curry dinner night tonight in J-Hoppers Hiroshima.
When you come to Japan, please try Japanese style curry. The easiest way is to go to the restaurant. Most "family restaurants" or some cafes which serve lunch have Japanese style curry in their menu. If you eat out, I recommend CoCo Ichiban-ya curry restaurants. It is a nationwide chain and you must find at least one in major cities.

You can also try cooking in a hostel which has a kitchen facility. It is very easy to cook (That is why I often hold the curry dinner night for guests). I have found a good page for Japanese curry recipe. Please see this. Did you see? As written, it is one of the easiest food to cook as long as you get "curry roux" in the supermarket. There are various choices for curry packages. If you like it, you can buy some more for suveneirs.


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