Paper cranes

Paper cranes

For the coming peace day August 6th,we have been having a campaign called "Join the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony" by folding thousands of paper cranes at J-hoppers Hiroshima. I haven’t counted the exact number of it but I think now we have about 300 of them.

When you go to the peace memorial park, you will see lots of paper cranes.

Why is that?

It’s because we believe if you can make 1000 of cranes or more, your wishes come true especially when it comes to recovering from diseases.

There was a girl whose name was Sadako Sasaki, she was the one who was wishing to make thousands of paper cranes to survive for leukemia caused by the A-bomb.

However, sadly, her wish did not come true.

Following her belief, we make paper cranes and put it in the peace park. It is brought from all over the places in Japan and even other countries.

We had a wonderful present the other day. The sender was a guest who stayed with us for a few nights with her friend. She was passionate about memorizing the way of folding paper cranes. She was also worried about if we will be able to make “thousands” of them.

She sent me a box just before she’s gone back to the U.S and when I opened it, WOW there were 308 of colorful paper cranes!!!!

She was a teacher in Tokushima and she said she made her students to make them and also she had a class of thinking about peace and Hiroshima with John Lennon song (Of course “Imagine”J).

How nice of her, we are all glad about it!!

Thanks a lot Geneva!!!

So, now we have about 600 of them.

When you come stay with us, please join our campaign;)

If you want to know more about Sadako Sasaki, visit the website below.


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