Please look at the photo above. Yes ! it is me. How are you doin’ ?
This is my first letter to this J-Hoppers blog.

Typhoon No.4 has left Kyoto.
Kyoto is in great bustle because of the Gion festival.

I go to Gion festival with my new yakata(summer wear in Japan).

Not only I but also a lot of people enjoy Gion festival with their yukata.

There are a lot of events and performance worth your seeing in Gion festival.
Especially today, I am looking forward to watch Iwami Kagura at Yasaka shrine (Iwami is my home town). Do you know about Iwami Kagura?
It is my recommended event!!
In ancient times it was a dance performed for the enjoyment and appeasement of the gods, but since the Meiji era it has been handed down more as a variety of folk entertainment, for the amusement of the people, than as a sacred ritual. Clad in rich colours, performers dance through the night to distinctive rhythms with elegance and bravado…

Please use the link about Gion festival information.
See you on Gion festival!!


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