Speaking of summer ...

Speaking of Japanese summer, we can't talk without SUIKA (watermelon).
My image of summer is that "eating suika sitting on veranda wearing yukata hearing buzzing of cicadas being bit by mosquitoes.

My other images of summer are :

>> Hanabi (Fireworks)
>> Hiyashi chuka (cold Chinese-style noodles)
>> Koko yakyu (Highschool baseball games)
>> Bon-odori (Folk dancing events)
>> Beer garden
>> Yudachi (Sudden rainfall in the late afternoon)
>> Obake (Japanese ghosts)

Except the last one, you can easily try and enjoy in Japan
(Even for the last one, you may be able to experience at night somewhere like cemeteries).
Any one must impress you greatly as a unique feature of Japanese summer!


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