Summer is there !

Oh yes it is ! 32 degrees today, felt like 40 according to weather forecast ... As the cicadas began to sing, it was the sign that the rainy season was over and sultry days arrived. For us it was the sign of something else too :

Hey what's happening here ? Another typhoon ? An earthquake ?

Don't worry, everything's fine, we are just removing all the kakefuton (the upper layer of the futon) to avoid overheating to our dear customers ! We are washing and drying all of them, on the burning rooftop terrace it takes only few minutes ! Then we will put them in bags made tight by air vacuuming it.

Instead we are replacing them with light covers :

We are sure you will appreciate it. And there is still air conditionner in every room. But don't forget to use it reasonably, with the view to economize electricity, to have consideration for environment, and even for yourself, your body surely won't appreciate strong temperature differences !


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