Hi everybody !
Here comes my first message on our brand new blog !!
There is a lot of various things to do when you work in a guesthouse. It makes this job really interesting. But today I've made a very special one : gardener ;-p Look at that :

This is a bamboo straw for the tanabata celebration. Do you know tanabata ? It's an old legend about two lovers. She was called Orihime, the weaving princess, and Hikoboshi, the beef keeper. They've been punished by Orihime's father for their laziness and sent both side of the milky way. Now we can see them as altair and vega stars. Once a year, they are allowed to meet each other thanks to the magpies building a bridge with their wings over the milky way. To celebrate this event Japanese are used to stick on bamboo straws wishes and origami.
I've put the first wish and origami, but they feel a little bit alone. What will you come to write and fold to stick with ?? :-)


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