A charming city in central Japan

It was during "Tanabata" festival

Kyoto is the most popular city for people who want to see something traditional old Japanese.
I recommend Takayama city as well as Kyoto. If you have time, please visit.
I just dropped by there by car on the way back home (Hiroshima) from Tokyo. It is in Hida mountain region (North of Gifu Pref).

Hida-no-sato area (outskirts)

What I like for Takayama is the unity as a town. Both the city and the local residents are very much mindful of the "cityscape", which they understand as the most important tourism resource.

Quiet residential area

Once you go to Takayama, you would easily find the deference in cityscape from other major tourist cities of Japan. About cityscape, I always think Japan has to learn from the western countries. A key factor is how each resident in the community could have a sense of public spirit.

Tourist info office in front of the station

Anyway, when you still have time after visiting Kyoto and Hiroshima, please visit the charming small city in central Japan

From Nagoya
2.5 hours by JR local Express train (6070 yen)
3.5 hours by JR local train (3260 yen)

Yakiniku of Hida beef


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