Countdown J-Hoppers Osaka - Vol.5

Entertainment in Osaka
As you may know, the most popular amusement park in Osaka is Universal Studio Japan. But there are some other kinds of entertainment places in Osaka.This time let me introduce them.

1. Universal Studio Japan
This exciting theme park brings you the magic of movies!Have you already enjoyed Universal Studio in other country?Here are listing of attraction for only at Universal Studio Japan.

-Animation Celebration

-Sesame Street 4-D Movie Magic

-Snoopy's Sound Stage Adventure

-Snoopy's Playground


2. Umeda Joypolis - Game Park

You probably have seen a penny arcade at downtown in Japan. Did you find a high tech game you have never seen before? Joypolis in Umeda created by Game maker Sega, this theme park features eight high-tech rides that are all very entertaining and original.
Admission is JPY200 for adults. If you ride the Ferris wheel on the roof of the building, admission is free. After the admission fee, each ride costs JPY500 or JPY600, though there are cheaper combo passes. A pass for all rides is JPY2,200 and a pass for three rides is JPY1,400. There are many arcade games throughout the place.

3.KAIYUKAN - Aquarium

Located in Tempozanspan, an area facing Osaka Bay. The aquarium constitutes part of the Tempozan Harbor Village, which also includes a hotel, restaurants and shops.They are exhibiting about 35,000 aquatic animals (about 580 species).Visitors can observe various living creatures on land,in the water and on sea bottom, while descending a sloped spiral passage. By doing so, they can enjoy the thrilling experience of a diver exploring marine nature.
Visitors who wish to have deeper knowledge of exhibited animals and plants can participate in a guided tour of the aquarium. During the tour, participants can hear interesting explanations, including episodes in the breeding of the animals and plants. (Reservations are necessary for participation in this tour.)

4.Tennoji Zoo

One of the largest Zoo in Japan. Located in Tennoji. They keeps animals of about 330 species, including lesser pandas and polar bears. They demonstrate how animals and nature are interrelated, by recreating actual habitats of animals. admission fee is just only JPY500. You may see animals you have never seen in your country!!


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