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Bonan tagon!! Kiel vi fartas? ( Hello!! How are you?)

Two french tourists stayed at J-Hoppers Kyoto a couple of days ago. They told me they participated in the congress of Esperanto in Yokohama. Do you know Esperanto? It's a widely spoken constructed international language. Esperanto itself means ' One who hopes'. This language was created by L.L.Zamenhof about in 1887. He wanted to create an easy and flexible language as universal second language for peace and international understanding. It's not the official language in any country, but between 100000 and 2 million people speak it. For me it sounds like a bit of italian and of german and I feel some latin language in it. I was really curious about Esperanto and I asked many questions about it to those French tourists. I do believe it's a good idea to try to learn some languages in thinking about world peace and better understanding in International community.
Dankon! ( Thank you!)


Anonymous said…
You can find out about the more modern rationale for Esperanto by reading the seven principles of the Prague Manifesto here:
or here:

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