Shin has already spoken about it, summer in Japan is THE good place and season to see fireworks. A lot occured yet in Kyoto area and Hiroshima too, but if you've missed them don't be sad, there is still a lot to see.

One of the most important in Hiroshima area, if not the most, will be held tomorrow (Tuesday, 14th) : the Miyajima Firework. Imagine one of the three most beautifull scene of Japan illuminated by rainbows of fire !!! It will start at 19:50, and last one hour, juste behind the big tori.

Of course I advice you to go there very early, in the afternoon, and to keep in mind that boats will be overcrowded. Get prepared to wait several hours, if not all the night for the following day's first boat, in the middle of hundreds others people !! It happened to me for the water screen event ...

For more information : Miyajima Tourist Information Center 082-944-2011


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