Hostel on Beach

It's burning hot these days in Japan, isn't it?
I am sweating everyday for 24 hours, and moisture in my body is evaporating every moment.
I really want to dive into the sea and soak up water into my body. Otherwise I'm going to be dried.

In my J-Hoppers days, I was asked about a beach around Kyoto many times, and wasn't satisfied with my answers. I have recommended Shirahama beach in Wakayama Prefecture. But there is no backpackers hostel so that a day trip is only the way to go there.

A change happened in last June . A hostel set up there [nima Guest House] The owner of the hostel is a girl and she has been to J-Hoppers months before. It takes 2 hours and half from Kyoto. It could be a long time, but worth going there. You will see a country side of Japan, and find many differences between people live in the sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean. You can get there all the way by JR. It shouldn't cost if you have a JR Rail Pass. Visit them if you have a time and travel differently from the other travelers.


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