Street car of Hiroshima


Since early August, temperatures have been above 30 degrees in many parts of Japan.

Today, I came to J-hoppers by tram.Because it was too hot to walk.

I think ,the highest temperature today was 35.

The tram I took was very unusual.It was a recreation of a tram used in the Taisho Era.

The traditional trams had open windows so of course It was a little bit too hot .But It felt great to have the wind blow on my face.

Many trams run in Hiroshima.

You can go to many special place's in Hiroshima by tram.

For example Hiroshima castle ,syukkei garden,Hiroshima city, Miyajima Island and more.

If you buy a one day tram ticket(840yen).

You can use the tram all day and also take the ferry to Miyajima Island.


Anonymous said…
nice to see you. I'm Iwasaki. i stayed at J-Hoppers 6 Aug to 8 Aug.
do you remember me?
J-Hoppers is great!! I felt at my home. and I love Hiroshima. Hiroshima has special atmosphere. I wanted to stay more....
absolutely go once again, and stay J-Hoppers. but Hiroshima is really hot. please take care yourself. don't too work, take too rest.
i got a tram several times, it's nice. i didn't know a one day ticket, next i will go there, i get the ticket.

see you

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