Which Japanese food do you like the best?

Me? Of course, Sushi if I have to choose one. I must apologize if you are a vegetarian or a conservationist of animal, fish or the environment. But I cannot help eating sashimi (sliced raw fish), even if being blamed by someone. In my opinion, we Japanese are awfully fond of eating raw meat. A guest from U.S.A. and his occupation is a chef was very surprised when I told him that we eat chicken raw. He insisted that person eat it must get stomach trouble. There is a restaurant that you can eat raw chicken nearby J-Hoppers Kyoto. I will bring you to there if you want to try.

Anyway, please try sashimi or sushi while your visit in Japan, it must be different from you have tried in your country. Don't be afraid of speaking Japanese. You don't need to order what kind of fish you want to eat at belt-conveyor sushi restaurants, all you have to do is pick a plate you like and convey sushi into your mouth.


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