A tip of Japan hitchhiking

Have you ever tried hitchhiking?

Well, actually I haven't...

The other day, my friend from Kyoto came to here by hitchhiking.
He gave me some tips of hitchhiking in Japan (hum...I guess it's the same thing in the world...).

If you have certain destination, first you should get a road map to figure out which road will take you to there. And get a cardboard and pen to write the direction you want to ahead.

If you want to take shorter way, go to service area/rest area on express highway.

My friend told me that it was easy to get a ride on a truck. Just talk to drivers in the service area to ask where they go.
Why it's easy? Becaseu usually they've got some spare room in the passenger seat and alos there is a sort of bed behind of it.
He said the bed was a little nasty,though...lol
Sometimes you have to help them to unload thighs from the trunk, but it's an experience don't yo think?

Of course, if you speak Japanese it makes your trip much easier!

Have a good ride:)


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