Useful website

If you have some time, please check this website before you come to Hiroshima.
It's called GetHiroshima.

This website is running by a foreign guy who lives here for years.
He has been doing a great job, because it has so much information to make your Hiroshima life more fun!

It's classified by types of information, such as "Events" "Places(restaurants,nightlife,movie theater etc)""Hype""Cinema""Forums".
As for the places, you can take a look at reviews which were written by people who actually went there. I'm sure it helps you to choose which bars you want to go tonight ;)

If you are thinking about to live here, check the "Forums". You may be able to fine a job or place to live!!

They also make their original map, take it with you for sightseeing and exploring.
(You can take it at J-hoppers Hiroshima)

Okay, here is the link


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