Anti-touristic Temple No.1

How many temples and shrines have you visited in Kyoto ?

You've been to Golden and Silver Pavilion, Kiyomizu Temple, Nijo Castle and Fushimi Inari Shrine, right? Those places are definatley nice. Everybody knows some of them are Unesco World Heritage siets.

However, do you want to make your trip something special ? How about throwing away your lonley plavet and explorering your own fun place? Here is one.

This is Senbonenmadou. The center statue is the King of Hell. He also acts the chief justice and tells which hell a dead people must go to. This statue is the second, it's made in 1488.

You will see a hundred of small stone figures of the Buddha behind of the main hall. Kyoto has 1,200 years hitory, so that you will encounter unknown stuff on every corners of the streets. Let me know what you discover if you have no idea abotu it.


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