Count down J-Hoppers Osaka - Vol.6

Performing Arts in Osaka
Osaka offers some performing arts, which are deeply rooted for Osaka people.

The modern name for the traditional puppet drama of Japan which developed in the Kansai region, particularly Osaka, in the seventeenth century. This performing art is registered as World intangible Heritages.
Sensitive performance makes you admiring!

The National Bunraku Theatre
This is the home of "Kamigata" performing arts - "Bunraku" puppet theatre, "Gagaku" traditional Japanese music, and other art forms. The theatre also contains bunraku exbition rooms and archivevs relating to the traditional performing arts.
-Subway or Kintetsu Railway Nipponbashi Sta.(Exit No.7)

2.Kamigata Kabuki
"Kamigata Kabuki" depicts human through gentle "Wagoto" love scenes. Since it should be a simple love story, I beleive you can understand the meaning of story.

Osaka Shochikuza Theater
You will soon notice the neo-Renaissance facade of this theater. Various theater arts such as Kabuki, musicals and concerts are put on here.
-Namba subway Sta. (Exit No.14)

3.Rakugo(traditional story-telling) & Manzai (comedy duos and comedies)
Osaka people love a hearty laugh. That's why in more recent times the Osaka-Kyoto area's unique style of entertainment, called kamigata, diverged into rakugo and manzai, two types of comedy, both born in Osaka.
Rakugo is a type of stylized comic monologue delivered by a single storyteller seated on the floor in front of a tiny desk. Manzai, on the other hand, is a vaudeville-like stand-up comedy routine put on by a pair of comedians. They are interesting, uplifting and funny. Rakugo, manzai and other comedic skits are performed on a daily basis at the Namba Grand Kagetsu Theater or Umeda Kagetsu Theater.

Namba Grand Kagetsu Theater : Namba on Midosuji Line or Sennichimae Line (Subway)
Umeda Kagetsu Theater: Higashi Umeda on Tanimachi Line (Subway)


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