September 23rd is Fall Equinox Day.

It is one of our national holidays.

During on equinox, the sun rises directly in the east and sets directly in the west.

Signaling the beginning of autumn.

It was extremely hot this summer.

It is still over 30 degrees now. So we don’t feel the beginning of autumn.

When we hear autumn, we think of autumn leaves, right?

Hiroshima is famous for autumn leaves. Especially on Miyajima Island.

There is MOMIJIDANI Park on the Miyajima Island.

Momiji means maple leaf and Dani means valley in Japanese.

This is a quiet park located at the foot of Mt.Misen, which is covered by an extensive primeval forest.

Particularly in autumn, The Park is perpetually filled with autumn leaves.

I often go to Miyajima Island. It is one of my favorite plaices of Hiroshima prefecture.

There are many placeless to see for tourists there:)

You should go there ever you come to Hiroshima:)


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