The House of Art

You are sick of visiting Temples and Shrines, aren't you ?
Needless to say about Golden Pavillion, Silver Pavillion, Imperial Palace, Nijo Castle, there are really great houses and gardens in Kyoto. BUT, don't you think they are so touristic ? There are a tons of peoples and you cannot spend your time freely, you have to pay attention passerby all the time. Besides, they are very old and you cannot feel sympathy with the person who build it....

If you feel like that, I recommend you to go to Kawai Kanjiro Museum. He was a potter and also sculptor and poet who lived the late 20th to the mid 21st centuries. He displayed his ability to the full. Unfortunately, he hasn't gotten any prizes in his life. Actually he was chosen as a living national treasure but he rejected and triefd to live one potter through his life.
Please visit the place if you have an interest in sculpture or ceramics. You will experience something different feeling with visting temples and shrines.


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