Internet cafes

I went to an internet cafe a few days ago.
It is, of course, a place to do internet. In addition to this, you can enjoy some other things in Japanese internet cafes.

First, most internet cafes are kind of complex with comics (manga) libraries. Usually they own more than 10,000 comics and you can read as many as you like. You can also read the latest magazines and newspapers as well.

Secondly, internet cafes are virtually used as an temporary accommodation. They have mainly two types of seat. One is open seats and the other is box seats. If you choose a box seat, you are brought to a small space divided by chest-high partitions. If you wish, you can sleep through the night. The space is quite small and it may be hard to sleep for people who are more than 180cm. But for other people, this choic ewouldn't be too bad because it is at lease a semi-private room. Some internet cafes have free shower facilities and you can borrow a blanket and a pillow. In addition to that, You can take free soft drinks by some kind of vending machines.

Actually it is kind of illegal business as they don't have a lodging license. However, if you don't have any place to stay late at night in a big city, taking this would be the final resort.

The rate of the cafe I stayed is :
After 22:00 >> 1770 yen for 5 hours
>> 3540 yen for 10 hours
Normal rate: 420yen /hour


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