Living wittness running

No.652 one of two A-bomb tram cars

Do you know there are still 2 A-Bombed tram cars on the active in Hiroshima city? We call them Hibaku Densha in Japanese. If you see the tram No.651 or No.652, that's it. I also found a short movie of No.651 contributed on Youtube.
5 were survived and repaired to revert while most trams were destroyed by A-bomb. 2 of them got retired last year and only 2 are active still now.

No.651 -- 3 days after the bombed day
700 meters from the epicenter

They are, of course, old (wooden!) , slow and sometimes cause traffic jams (The max speed is about 35 km/h, Tyson Gay is faster!). It is interesting to see this type of old trams and the latest one are going on the same rail. Even though there are some inconvenience in rush hour, we should preserve one of the few "living witnesses" not in the transportation museum but in our real life.

New type tram "Greenmover".
The snobby fellow sometimes urges slow trams forward


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