the view from senko-ji

Have you been to Onomichi?
It is one of my favorite place in Hiroshima prefecture.
It takes about 1 hour and a half from Hiroshima station by Shinkansen or Local train.

Onomichi is located between the Inland Sea of Japan and the hilly spine of Western Honshu.
The town's main and almost sole interest is its agreeable temple walk with stunning views on the Inland Sea.
There are about 30 Buddhist temples in total. The most notable ones include Koumei-ji,
Senkou-ji, Tennei-ji and Jodo-ji.

The walk takes about 2 hours starting from Jiko-ji near the JR station to the Jodo-ji, and goes up all the way to Senkou-ji Temple. There is a ropeway (280 one-way) from the middle of town to Senkou-ji.

When we hear Onomichi(the name of the town), We think of ONOMICH RAMEN!
I often go there just to eat the ramen
It's very cheap (about \450 at any ramen shop) and served quickly.
If you come to our hostel,I will tell you a good restaurant to eat it in Onomichi!

I’m hungry so I feel like having it now:)


Katie K said…
any advice on a place to stay in onomichi? something under Y750 would be great :)

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