I recommend Arashiyama area (even so though it is certainly crowded…).
Arashiyama is one of my cycling courses.

One of the principal sights of Arashiyama is the famous old wooden bridge, Togetsukyo, that span the Katsura River.The name means “Moon-Crossing Bridge” an allusion to the moon crossing the night sky. This bridge and, with the mountains in the background, is represented in many a scroll and screen painting.

There are a lot of sightseeing spots there. For example Daikaku-ji, Tenryu-ji and path of Bamboo …(and Monkey park). But I think the best spot is bench around the rivers.
You can take relax. You will feel wonderful breeze of autumn and the sound of the river flows (and some tourist's noise ?)

From J-Hoppers : 20min by JR or 1 hour by bike.


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