Today I saw HIGANBANA (red spindler lily) on my way to J-hoppers Hiroshima.When I see HIGANBANA,I feel that autumn has come.
HIGAN means a week - long Buddhist ceremony celebrated in spring and autumn in Japan.
This flower blossoms in autumn.So HIGANBANA is known as autumn bloomer.
I saw a lot of these flowers which were blossoming at KIYOMIZU-temple when I traveled to Kyoto 2weeks ago.
It was really beautifu
l and suited the temple.

I will introduce another autumn bloomer of Japan.

SUSUKI(silver glrass)

Its height is 1~2m.It is widely distributed in Japan especially in the hills and dales.
In Japan ,we offer some rice cakes and susuki for the full moon on the fifteenth night of September.

YOMOGI(mug wort)

It is strongly scented.And we have it with tempura ,rice cake and miso soup.

Please come to Japan and e
njoy our four different seasons!!


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