Hanbee garden

The boss introduced you the most famous garden of Hiroshima, the Shukkeien garden in this message. There is another supposed to be beautifull garden here : the Hanbe garden (Japanese name : 半べえ庭園). It's located near the Mazda museum (map google) and you can easily go there by bus (Hiroden-bus, line 4, from the bus center, get off at yuuenchi station, it's 2 min walk).

This garden is part of a complex including a onsen, a ceremony hall, a tea room and a restaurant. The garden was built in 1937 with 100.000 azaleas of 300 different species from all over Japan ! It was expected to bring more customers to the already existing onsen but the second world war started soon after and delay .

Now the garden contains 50.000 azaleas, 1.000 maple trees and 50 cherry trees all gathered on the side of the mount shuukazan (聚華山). Two little pounds stand at the bottom, with two springs and one water wheel facing the ceremony hall. A very beautifull stone forest decorates one of the pound, and of course both of them welcome a lot of carps as inhabitants.

The bottom part of the garden is quite a beautifull place to see, and the top one should be a spot to see momiji or hanami, however I wouldn't recommend you to go there. I've been extremely disappointed to discover that the whole top part is completely abandonned. It looked like the end of the winter, when vegetation is at his worst and gardening stopped since monthes. At this time I would accept it but now we are just at the end of the summer, I can't find excuse for weeds in a dirty pathway in such a place. The gardening tools stand in a old and dirty hut, all covered by rust. And electric cables for the lighting up aren't properly maked up. That's real pity. With the shukkeien garden as concurrent, you must be very passionated in japanese gardens to want to visit this one.
I haven't enjoyed the other places of the complex (far away from my purse), but they looked impressive anyway...


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