Count down J-Hoppers Osaka - Vol.8

Transportation in Osaka

1.Osaka Municipal Subway Lines
There are 7 subway lines and 1 New Tram line. You can figure out which line you should take by checking each unique color. Each station is allocated a reference number. For example, Umeda station on Midosuji is M16.
Please refer to their subway map (PDF file)
One day ticket is available at 850yen. For more detail, please refer to see this link.

2.JR Loop Line
True to its name, the JR Osaka Loop Line (Kanjo-sen) runs in a loop around Osaka. It's not quite as convenient or heavily-used as Tokyo's Yamanote Line, but it stops in major station Osaka, Kyobashi, Tsuruhashi and Tennoji, and by Osaka Castle. Namba and Universal Studios Japan are connected to the Loop Line by short spurs.

3.Private railways
Many private railway lines stretch all over Kansai region. Major railways are Hankyu(Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe), Hanshin(Osaka-Kobe), Keihan(Osaka-Kyoto-Shiga), Nankai(Osaka-Wakayama) and Kintetsu(Osaka-Nara-Mie-Kyoto).

4.Surutto KANSAI
This ticket enables you to ride on subways, private railways and buses throughout the Kansai district. As well as enabling you to tour Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto, it lets you visit Nara, Wakayama and Koyasan. Purchasing the economical KANSAI THRU PASS that comes in two types; 2-day and 3-day, will let you enjoy a more value-for-money holiday.
Please refer to this page for more detail.

5.Multiple Ride Card
The Multiple Ride Card is a prepaid discount card which is valid for transportation on the subway, New Tram, and city buses. No term of validity is set. Price: 3,000yen (good for 3,300yen worth of travel) for adults
Please refer to this page for more detail.

6.The City Loop Bus (Kobe)
One-way ticket: ¥250. One-day ticket: ¥650. The City Loop Bus circulates around many of Kobe’s sightseeing areas, such as the Foreigner houses, Harborland, Motomachi and the main stations of Kobe, Sannomiya, and Shin-Kobe. You can get on or get off as many times as you like if you buy the one-day ticket. You can also buy it on the bus. Service is offered every 18 - 20min., from 9:20 – evening (1 round: 70min.)

7.Airport Limousine Bus
There are a lot of bus stops for limousine bus. You can check the bus stop and time table on this website.


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