For autumn..

Hello. Are you thinking about visiting Kyoto this autumn? I'd like to reccomend you to visit another temple here apart from Enri-an temple that I wrote about a week ago. I guess this is one of the most famous temples for coloured trees in Kyoto. It's called Tofukuji-temple. It's not so far from J-Hoppers Kyoto and it does worth visiting!! There's an absolute well-known wooden bridge called Tsutenkyo there and we can have a great view of coloured trees from there.
At Tofukuji-temple, we could enjoy 3 colours of leaves, green, yellow and red during its best time. It might be very very crowded especially at the end of November, but it's must-visit temple for autumn!! If you miss green-zen-garden after a lot of coloured leaves, you can go to Hojyo-in inside Tofukuji-temple. This garden is also very unique but there are less tourists. For those who can not come to Kyoto this autumn...You don't need worry about it because this temple is beautiful also in summer!!


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