Japanese campus life

A couple of days ago, I went to my university to see one of my friends who still studies there. The university is called Doshisha University and I love its atmosphere and the architectures. Actually, they've been renovating one of the most famous architecture there since 2002 and now we can see a part of it ( before it was all covered...). It was built in 1894 and it has been a simbol of the university.
We went to a restaurant for students and I was amazed how they changed things nicely!! For example, there are various type of salad and you can have it from 100g, there was a fried shark meet. You can eat many typical Japanese food cheaply there even though you're not a student of this uni. Then there's a cafe in a lounge. It's nice to have coffee on the bench looking at how Japanese students are...
If you're interested in experiencing Japanese campus life, please visit Dohshisha!! It's just across from the Kyoto Imperial Palace. Pop in there and please tell me your opinion for the uni.


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